Know who, how many and why consumers would be interested in your product

Market sizing is used to inform key marketing decisions: offer viability, pricing, communications. It is often the basis of go/no go decisions for new products, new markets or whole new businesses. It also provides a preliminary estimate of the level of operational and technological capabilities required to service the potential market.

Having a clear, proven depiction of your market is vital before making key marketing decisions for your products and business. Relying on assumptions is an unnecessary risk when it comes to your organisation’s future success, and our rigorous market sizing methodologies offer you a secure and precise alternative.

A market sizing study will give you a top-down picture of your market and the successively narrower proportions of groups within it who are interested in your product or service. Questions about the viability of your offering, who to communicate to, and appropriate levels of pricing, can all be answered with Forethought’s tested research methods.

Our studies often form the basis of go/no go decisions for new products, new markets or even whole new businesses. We empower you to confidently make the tough calls by helping you understand your market from the start, and support your ability to be informed about opportunities for success.


Determine the size of the
demand by segment

Profile the optimal target market
for your business’s products

Improve the accuracy of share,
profit and growth forecasts