Since we launched the Forethought Normality Index in Australia and the US in April 2020, our aim has been to continue to develop our understanding of shifts in consumer needs, feelings and behaviours in response to the pandemic. More on our findings below.


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Backed by our comprehensive research methodologies, Forethought works closely with clients to guide their brand, communications and customer experience strategies. Using evidence-based insights, our process delivers tailored and actionable guidance to inform organisational growth and strategic management decisions. Whether it’s an increase in market share or shaping consumers’ brand perception and engagement, Forethought can find the solution for any business challenge.


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Modelling the rational and emotional drivers of consumer behaviour, Forethought can accurately predict the effect on acquisition and retention in your market or category. Armed with this data-driven insight, we can help you focus your creative energy and make informed strategy decisions to gain and retain market share, improve margin and drive category growth.

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