Forethought is in the privileged position of often observing organisations responding to challenging situations. In some instances, the response is tactical but more often, it needs to be more fundamental and therefore, strategic. The strategic choices can be innumerable however, quality marketing insight narrows down those choices to just a few pathways. For every direction chosen, management must put aside other options, and this is where the real discipline arises.

A true strategic choice is about knowing both what to say no to and knowing what to put the organisation’s weight behind. The common theme amongst the most successful strategies is authentic leadership, brutal singularity and enduring tenacity.

Forethought adopts a consultative approach and works with clients to collaboratively understand the business challenge and identify the most appropriate methodology to bring conclusive, actionable solutions. Forethought simulators are used by clients for optimising the configuration of the customer experience and brand building strategy and calculating a return on investment.