Forethought’s specialist Activation Team can support you in mobilising change across your organisation to achieve commercial outcomes. Working collaboratively, together we can design the most effective internal engagement strategy, ensuring your customer insights are translated into targeted, high-impact action.

To achieve this, our consulting engagement spans:

    1. Strategy alignment workshops with executive and senior management
    2. Initiative mapping sessions to:
      1. Evaluate the degree of alignment between existing initiatives and the CX strategic focus
      2. Identify opportunities to enhance existing initiatives to better address core customer needs
      3. Uncover any gaps in the current business pipeline to solve prioritised customer needs
      4. Design workshops to develop new initiatives, anchored on addressing the prioritised customer needs and ensuring they are commercially viable

Our activation specialists draw upon skills in change management and design thinking to support our clients to achieving customer driven commercial success.


Align internally on CX focus

Develop high-impact customer-led initiatives

Improved customer experience

Increase commercial returns