Putting communications to the test

Our pre-testing solution, Prophecy ADvance®, determines if your communications content moves the dial for your brand on the rational and emotional drivers of choice. Delivering insights 48 hours after the completion of fieldwork, it combines scientific rigour with lightning speed, and serves as a lead indicator to help you make an informed decision regarding your creative investment before going to market.

In addition to measuring your advertising performance on market share drivers, Prophecy ADvance® also delivers a ‘playbook of intelligence’. This includes acquired learning and recommendations on successful creative elements to help optimise your creative performance and improve your immediate and ongoing ad effectiveness.

Successfully used to evaluate advertising across TV, print, radio and outdoor billboards, Prophecy ADvance® can test your communications at any stage of development, from storyboards to fully produced ads. By testing different creative assets head-to-head, Forethought can inform which ad to execute, saving you both time and money.


Ensure a timely decision on campaign investment

Enhance campaign effectiveness and quality of content

Determine performance on traditional ad diagnostics

Identify the impact on different customer segments

Prevent an ineffective campaign before launch

Improve return-on-investment