Producing credible and impactful communications

What happens when a brand contradicts itself in communications? Take for example, a car that claims to be both powerful and fuel-efficient, or a large bank that claims to also deliver highly personalised service? Unsurprisingly, consumers find these claims hard to believe – they find them implausible.

When a brand communicates an implausible message, the cost extends far beyond the financial investment of a failed campaign; an implausible message can also generate potentially damaging associations, including reduced credibility. On the flip side, communicating a plausible message can positively shift consumer perceptions of a brand, contributing to an increase in advertising effectiveness.

To ensure your communications claims work synergistically, take advantage of Forethought’s plausibility research. With this invaluable insight, you can easily determine which message combinations should be communicated, as well as avoided, before and after your campaign launch.


Leverage optimal message combinations

Avoid questionable message combinations

Maximise communications effectiveness

Mitigate communications ineffectiveness