Measuring and maximising communications performance

Successful advertising communications should increase market share. For this reason, measuring the impact of your campaign against the drivers of brand choice, a lead indicator of sales, is critical to understanding communications effectiveness.

Forethought understands this, and measures whether your advertising campaign improves or detracts from perceptions of your brand’s performance on the rational and emotional drivers of brand choice in your category. Rather than using metrics that deliver little insight into why brand performance has improved or declined, Forethought evaluates campaign performance using rational and emotional lead indicators of sales performance.

Our campaign tracking programs not only deliver ongoing insights, recommendations and actions, but also provide you with confidence and clear direction on which brand drivers to leverage to maximise your sales growth.


Track brand and competitor performance

Determine cut-through and brand linkage

Identify key message take-outs

Measure performance on creative elements and ad diagnostics

Assess effectiveness on brand awareness and call to action