Our client required market insight from Forethought
to inform its strategy for becoming
‘The First Choice in Australia’

This included the development of a brand strategy to acquire new tenants, and a
customer experience strategy to retain existing tenants.

Qualitative and quantitative approaches were utilised, including in-depth interviews, focus groups and online surveys. Research participants included:

1. Strategic level decision-making tenants (e.g. CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMDs and MDs);

2. Investors (including investors currently managing multi-million dollar investment funds);

3. Property consultants;

4. Internal staff (e.g. mix of organisational level, customer-facing and non-customer facing);

5. Operational level tenants (e.g. Office Managers, Receptionists, IT Managers).

A decision-making model that highlighted what areas of the building and its management was most important to decision makers was provided to the client. Furthermore, a model highlighting drivers of retention (i.e. resigning of lease) was provided, in order to inform areas of operational priority.


Based on the insight, the client developed a clear strategy for acquisition of new tenants and retention of existing tenants.

This strategy was rolled out to each of the state teams, in order to have consistency in execution across
the entire portfolio of properties.