Our client wished to be a leader in customer experience

To assist them in their efforts to achieve this goal, Forethought designed research to determine the indicators of a leading Customer Experience within the air freight industry to set a benchmark for performance. Critically, this needed to be defined from the perspective of the customer, not from the perspective of our client.

Feedback from stakeholder interviews was integrated into the overall design of the program, the areas of focus of the interview with key customers, and the key metrics collected.

Through in-depth interviews, both quantitative ratings and qualitative feedback were collected to measured customer expectations, and satisfaction across a range of areas including the Business-to-business (B2B) relationship, products, commercial interactions, and service delivery.

Specifically, the quantitative data compared our client’s performance to their competitors, and identified the experience areas were most important for a customer’s overall satisfaction.

A facilitated workshop to activate key insights from the program identified the inhibitors of optimal customer experience, and generated new solutions to build stronger partnerships.


Anchored on the customer perspective, our client established a change framework along with a set of prioritised improvement initiatives to enhance customer experience for each of the key accounts.