Clearly defined and targeted customer segments

To develop targeted strategies to effectively reach your market, as well as identify  and quantify high-priority customer segments based on immediate and future value, you need a robust segmentation solution.

Customer segmentation divides your target market into clearly identifiable groups, which have similar characteristics based on distinct sets of needs, preferences and behaviours. It will provide you with an understanding of the key differentiating attributes that define your customer segments, as well as the corresponding profiling details of each unique group.

Unlike traditional approaches where a solution is achieved by trial-and-error using a single segmentation technique, Forethought’s methodology, Prophecy Tribes®, uses multiple algorithms simultaneously, aggregating the results into a highly stable and statistically robust solution. Prophecy Tribes® shifts the focus from being purely data-centric to being market and industry focused, providing you with segments that are identifiable, unique and actionable.


Understand the value of opportunities
by segment

Align your value proposition with market opportunities

Prioritise resources in line with high-value segments