Influencing consumer price perceptions and driving market share

It’s not uncommon for a consumer’s perception of your pricing to be different from the actual prices you charge, influencing the competitive positioning of your brand in the market, and consequently, affecting your market share.

For this reason, understanding how a brand is perceived to perform on price is vital when setting pricing strategy. It’s not always about the absolute price charged –every brand needs to build and manage its desired price image.

Our Price Brand methodology delivers clarity on the price and non-price cues you need to address to most effectively position your brand on price. Through quantitative modelling, we produce a hierarchy of importance on the cues driving price perceptions, delivering a narrow focus on the key areas to invest in.

The insights delivered not only inform strategic initiatives – including recommended categories, promotional mechanics and specific messages to communicate – but they also provide a unifying view for both marketing and operations to use to intervene efficiently.


Uncover the price and non-price cues driving price perceptions

Determine competitive performance
on price and non-price cues

Identify gaps between price perceptions and actual prices charged

Optimise communications to improve price perceptions

Inform strategic initiatives to manage price image and drive market share