Restoring brand growth and building market share

For your brand to grow in a sustained and profitable way, you need one important thing: customers, both new and returning, who are prepared to pay your price for your product or service. This means the market agrees that your goods or service are the best value available.

Forethought focuses on the restoration of brands, or the development of challenger brands, to take market share off incumbent brands. We do this by understanding how consumers make choices, the relative importance of the attributes leading to choice, and the performance of competitors on those choice drivers.

With perfect clarity, we enable you as brand owners to determine where best to focus your strategies. We support your brand growth for the long term by identifying and quantifying your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, aligning your business on the critical drivers of future sales, and translating these insights into brand planning strategies.

Future Proof your Brand

Andrew Slot, GM Consulting Forethought, explains how to build long term brand value by building brand, communications and customer experience strategy on the drivers of customer acquisition and retention.