Solving business challenges, backed by marketing science

At Forethought, we focus on achieving just two things for our clients – acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. Our approach is simple and central to the work we do, and is known as Gain and Retain®.

Using primary data, which we can append to your organisational data, as well as methodologies that Forethought has applied for more than two decades, Forethought develops rich, explanatory models to determine what is driving acquisition and retention in your market. In many cases, our models have been validated against third party data, proven to support and drive your customer experience, brand, communications and marketing strategies.

The focus of Gain and Retain® is to remove the risk and empower you to make shrewd decisions. Applying globally leading analytics, we develop solutions to your business challenges that can be implemented and embedded into your organisation, yielding positive results in the short to medium term.